On A PeaceTech Mission...

Supporting start-ups that reduce the risk of war in the Pacific Region

What do we do?

We support citizen-led PeaceTech start-ups that contribute to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions).

We do this by building community, running events & hackathons and through coaching and acceleration.

Did you say PeaceTech?

Yes — Citizen-led, scalable solutions to peace-building, conflict resolution, that support citizens in and after war. We don't leave it all to governments.

PaxHax is a Convenor

We directly support and connect PeaceTech Founders to investors and mentors. The right technology can amplify the impact.

Why is this Important?

PeaceTech is a new and complementary approach to the peace movement, aiding the creation of a future where war is never acceptable.

Tensions are rising among powerful countries and this is being played out in the Pacific region.

We believe that open debate, innovative technology and citizen-led approaches are key to enabling change — let's empower citizens to scale their peace-building efforts.


Our Work

Building Community

At the forefront of a movement that is applying the entrepreneurial skillset and approach to peace-building

Events & Hackathons

Hear from inspiring speakers, learn about the meeting point of entrepreneurship and peace, or roll up your sleeves to tackle a Hax Challenge.

Coaching & Acceleration

PeaceTech Founder or have the desire to be?

Get in Touch.

The Team

And Why They're Involved